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Father & Son

Happy Well International Enterprise Ltd. was founded as a toy manufacturer and distributor in 1985. We own and operate a manufacturing plant that occupies over 45,000 square meters in Zhuhai, China. As a vertically integrated company, Happy Well has been engaged in the entire value chain from research, development, and production to marketing and sale of our own designed toy and infant products under our brand name as Happy Well across the world in decades. Happy Well products have been distributing mainly in America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We seek to create sustainable products with a longer lifespan, growing with kids, and offering better value for money. Finding the new path toward sustainable and organic materials will lead us to offer better and eco-focused products for all families. 

Our Mission

Happy Well creates innovative and practical toys and infant products to make playing more inspiring and challenging that empower our next generation to learn and grow smartly. Encouraging our babies and kids to embrace challenges and foster curiosity through play and joy. Cultivating kids’ learning habits, well-rounded skills, and parent-child interaction are our ultimate purposes.

Our Core Values


We love to create. Create innovative toys is our main goal. Not just fulfil the needs of kids but also their wants.


We care about the next generation and the environment. Make good quality and safe toys are paramount for our company. 


Employees are our assets. We provide opportunities and encouragement to help our people reach their potential. Our team steps up and works together to ensure our service can meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.


Fulfill customers’ requirements is the cornerstone of our company. The satisfaction of the customer is our motivation for improvement.

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